13th Door Haunted House Portland Oregon

At the 13th Door Haunted House of Oregon (the Original), you will experience Portland’s Best Haunted Attraction! With our highly detailed sets you will become part of the horror as you journey amongst our animated creatures and theatrical actors. Join Portland’s oldest Halloween Attraction this fall at Oregon’s largest single event  3855 SW Murray Boulevard, Beaverton behind Glowing Greens and next to K-Mart. Enter at your own risk as you embark these dank endless hallways and unhallowed grounds, demented creatures and the spirits that have crossed over consuming those who have entered before you.


Hours Open Calendar 13th Door Haunted House

Birthday Night, October 9th
Have a Birthday in October? Bring your valid ID and get in for FREE
that right you get in for free on October 9th, 2016.

Flash Light Terror Nights on Nov 4th & 5th
After the Halloween season closes…
Our theatrical lights go off and a completely different,
even more terrifying show comes to life as the
haunted house goes completely Pitch Dark!
You and your group will be given a dimly lit LED
finger light (yes just one, and cell phones not permitted)
to explore the dark passages of The 13th Door. During the Halloween
season, the haunted house is known for it's highly detailed sets and
amazing lighting effects but, during Flashlight Terror Night…
Everything changes and a completely different show
emerges, one that you and your group can explore
at your own peril pace. During the event, there
continues to be a full bloody cast of Rotting Zombies
roaming around... in the Dark, with YOU !!!
Not for the Faint of Heart!



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Book Now for 13th Door Haunted House

Buy Tickets for the 13th Door Haunted House Now!

General Admission:  $18.00 Cash or $20.00 CC*  Box office and Online
Upgrade to VIP admission, $14.00 Cash or Credit card, Box Office Only. *CC = Credit Card.

Trailer Escape Game:  $5.00 Cash or CC, Box Office only.
Is a 5 minute two-four person Escape Room Game. You will be placed in the Trailer where you and your team need to resolve the riddles to escape this mind-twisting puzzle in time.  Good luck !!!

VIP Admission:  $32.00 Cash or $34.00 CC, Box Office only. 
Sold only at BOX Office (front of the line access) and includes admission to Trailer Escape.  Our lines can get up to over two hours long or more on wait times, and we understand that sometimes you just do not want to wait.  Get a VIP Pass and move to the front of the line, or upgrade from General Admission to VIP and be the next in line. We will escort you past the general admission line to be the next guests for entrance to the attraction.

Go Again Admission: $12.00 Cash or CC, box office only.
Can be purchased at the VIP window.  Guest’s hands must be stamped or that day’s event ticket must be present. Guests will not have to wait in the General Admission Line again. Guests will be entering the attraction through the VIP line.  Includes Trailer Escape Game.


Warning !!!  Adult content, Adult Language and scenes of Violence and Gore !!!


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Rules 13th Door Haunted House




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Map Directions Contact Us

Ticket Sales and Entrance at the rear of the building.

Directions to 13th Door Haunted House 3855 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, Oregon


Directions to the 13th Door Haunted House

MAX line:
Millikan Way MAX Station/Park and Ride.
Turn right west onto SW Millikan Way.
Turn left south on SW Murray Blvd.
Destination will be on the right next to K-mart.
9 minute walk

From Portland:
Merge onto US-26 W via the ramp to Oregon Zoo/Forestry Center
Take exit 69A for Oregon 217 S toward Beaverton/Tigard
Merge onto OR-217 S
Take exit 2A for Canyon Rd/OR-8, Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy/OR-10
Turn right onto OR-8 W/SW Canyon Rd Continue to follow OR-8 W
Turn right onto SW Murray Blvd Destination will be on the left next to K-mart.

From Salem:
Follow signs for I-5 N/Portland & merge onto I-5 N
Take exit 292A to merge onto OR-217 N toward Tigard/Sunset Hwy/Oregon Coast.
Take exit 2A for Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY/OR-10, Canyon Rd/OR-8
Turn left onto OR-10 W.
Turn right onto SW Murray Blvd Destination will be on the left next to K-mart.

From Seaside:
Merge onto US-26 E/Sunset Hwy toward Portland
Take exit 67 for Murray Blvd
Turn right onto NW Murray Blvd Destination will be on the right next to K-mart.


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Map Directions Contact Us

Located at Glowing Greens Blacklight Miniature Golf Beaverton Oregon Location

Directions to 13th Door Haunted House 3855 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, Oregon
phone 503.410.1816
email the13thDoor@hotmail.com (faster response)
Phone Number 13th Door Haunted House www.facebook.com/13thDoorHauntedHouse


Glowing Greens is Portland and Beaverton’s premier, black light, indoor, 18 hole, 3-D Adventure miniature golf course. Stop in for a great game of golf in our fun and memorable atmosphere. We offer individual and group rounds for 18 or 9 holes of miniature golf. Give your family & friends a party that they will never forget. Glowing Greens is great for every age and groups of any size.

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Frequently Asked-Questions 13th Door Haunted House

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is that smell? 
Yes, we use scents to add to the environment effects and overall experience of our haunted attraction. Please be prepared to come into contact with a variety of smells and odors while in and/or around the attraction.

How can a person get a job with The 13th Door?
The 13th Door is always looking for dedicated and talented staff members to join our team of ghouls. We pay contracted cast members. Submit your application at the box office during our hours of operation. Applicants must be 16 years of age or older.

Why are guests asked to NOT bring our cell phones? 
We ask that guests DO NOT bring in cell phones because of their disruptive nature. When a phone rings, it disturbs the other customers. The light from the phone can ruin the atmosphere that is being created and the effect of scares we are providing. Also, customers are discouraged from talking on their phones while going through the haunted attraction. This disturbs other paying customers. We are not responsible for any phones being lost or damaged! Please, DO NOT bring in any phones!

What happens if something is lost inside the attraction?
Do Not Stop! After exiting the facility, please contact our staff at the box office. The 13th Door will have a staff member look for the lost item. We will NOT stop the show for your lost item, though. If the lost property is not found while the attraction is in operation, our staff will look for the item after closing.  Guests are encouraged to leave a description of the item, a name and a contact number or address. This is specifically why guests are encouraged not bring things in that can be lost.

How long will it take to get through? 
This is a question asked all the time, yet it is hard to answer. Several factors determine how long it will take go through the 13th Door Haunted House.  Some customers move rather quickly through the attraction, while other guests take their time and move more slowly. Estimated times are also dependent on the amount of guests already in line, how fast the Ticket Taker is letting guests in and whether you have VIP or General Admission passes. On average it will take approximately 15-20 minutes from the time you enter the attraction to the time you leave the event.  This does not include waiting in line.

Can customers be refused admission after tickets are purchased?
If guests get scared before entering the attraction, our staff did its job. Sorry, NO Refund. The 13th Door also has the right to refuse admittance of any patron(s) who do not follow posted rules or get out of control, as determined by our staff. Examples include the following:  the use of foul language, aggressive behavior, pushing, vulgar actions, weapons of any kind, alcohol use or misuse prior to or during the event, etc. will result in that patron or patrons being denied entry to the event. The 13th Door has a list of rules that must be adhered to for the safety of our patrons and staff. Violation of these rules will usually result in a warning, followed by being asked to leave without a refund. We respect your rights but also the rights of other customers who have paid for the event.

Will the actors touch us? 
Our staff members will not intentionally or aggressively grab you. However, our ghouls are here to scare you, and they get very close in order to do that. Please understand we are doing what you paid us to do. We want you to get your money’s worth-every last cent! However, please keep in mind that by paying admission and entering our haunt you are agreeing that you do NOT have any right to touch the actors or staff. You will be asked to leave if you attack the actors or props or damage any part of the haunt.

Can we bring carry bags in with us? 
NO! You will not be allowed in the building with bags, boxes or other large carrying devices. We will NOT keep these items at the box office or allow you leave them outside the facility. Please leave all items in your car or at home. This is for the safety of everyone in and around the facility.

Can we take photos, audio or videos recordings? 
NO! Respect the rights of our actors. They are not paid to have photos taken of them. You’re invading those actors’ rights. We ask that you ask to take a photo with one of our line monsters but NOT in the event. Also, we do not want lights or flash photography to distract from the scare experience.

Why do you have video surveillance of the attraction? 
We do this for the safety of the facility and our guests. The video system allows our staff to ensure the smooth operation of the attraction, and it functions as an added measure against guests who attempt to damage or harm our sets, props, actors or other patrons. 

We heard that if you make it through all 13 Floors we get $100.00? 
This is an old folklore. It is not true. This is a myth that has been around for years claiming that a haunted attraction with thirteen floors would do everything possible to keep you from getting to the top. But if you made it you would get a reward. Not happening here!

Why Parental Guidance?
Warning !!!  Adult content, Adult Language and scenes of Violence and Gore !!!
Our attraction requires escorted Parental Guidance for guests under the age of 13 due to Oregon Sate Fire codes, safety laws and to let the parents know that we have intense gore inside of our attraction, and it can be very frightening for kids, let alone some adults. This is not to say that kids cannot make it through, as most do. However, we warn guests up front that the attraction is scary, and guests will NOT get a refund if they do not make it through the attraction. We have plenty of customers who leave the haunt early through emergency exits with their children wanting a refund. Not going to happen! If this were the case, everyone would be trying to get a free show from us. We did our job and we will not be held responsible for the kids who cannot sleep due to the nightmares.

Is it really that scary?
Yes! But that all depends on the person. Some people are harder to scare than others. We will try our best to scare the hell out of you and your friends. That is what you paid us for, Right…

How big is the building?
The building is just under 10,000 square feet. We use every inch of it with an additional themed 5,000 square foot queue line area.

Does the parking lot have lights? 
Our parking lot is well lit and has roaming staff, Beaverton Police and Washington County Sheriffs. We are looking out for your safety.

Do we pay for parking? 
No! Our parking is free and can easily be accessed from Murray or TV Hwy.

How many people do you let in at a time?
For the entertainment of our customers, we only allow a limited number of guests in at a time. We do this so you have a better experience, rather than being bunched up and herded through like cattle. Throughout the attraction, actors have designated areas where customers will be held up just for this reason. You paid good money to get frightened by our actors without seeing other customers in front of you get the scare. Do what our actors ask! On busy evenings, we do allow larger groups in.


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****** Casting call Sept 10th 1 pm sharp.******

Click here for directions to 3855 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97006


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